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How To Clean Your Copper Water Bottle Series.

If you aren't interested in reading this full article - you can click here to be taken to our live cleaning and use instructions. Uncoated copper vessels may take some getting used to. The first time you see it change colour and tarnish inside, you may think, is this normal? Can I still use it? The answer is, yes, and yes. It is normal, and you can still use it. If your water begins to develop a very strong metallic taste, or has any floaty bits in it,  then it's time for a clean. If any verdigris (green tarnish forms) - please wipe it away or use one of the instructed cleaning methods, before continuing to use the vessel. Many people will be...

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Handpicked To Be Featured In British Vogue

A few months ago, the lovely people at British Vogue reached out to us, to see if we'd be interested in being a part of their "Spring Wellness" campaign. A dream come true moment, right?For a company that has built a legacy on epically portraying the beauty in this world, to find beauty in what we were doing, how could we say no?So, for the next 3 months, and the next 3 issues of British Vogue, you'll see our beautiful Copper Vessels in there! How exciting. The first issue will be the limited double cover edition, and is available from today. It's honouring her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her incredible 75 year tenure on the throne. The product that will...

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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Copper Water Bottle In 2022

Read time - Approx 3 minutes Why You Need To be Drinking From A Copper Water Bottle In 2022 Over the past few years, we've seen the popularity of using copper water bottles explode. Some of you are probably thinking, why? What is it that has catapulted a Copper Water Bottle into the realms of a must own everyday item? Below are 3, out of many reasons, why Copper Bottles are awesome, and you should definitely be using one.  1. They Make Water Taste Better. Plain and simple. Once you start using your new copper bottle for drinking water, you'll immediately notice that it makes water taste better.  Why is this you ask?  Studies Show that copper kills contaminants and bacteria, improving the taste...

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