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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own A Copper Water Bottle In 2022

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Why You Need To be Drinking From A Copper Water Bottle In 2022

Over the past few years, we've seen the popularity of using copper water bottles explode. 

Some of you are probably thinking, why? What is it that has catapulted a Copper Water Bottle into the realms of a must own everyday item? 

Below are 3, out of many reasons, why Copper Bottles are awesome, and you should definitely be using one. 

1. They Make Water Taste Better.

Plain and simple. Once you start using your new copper bottle for drinking water, you'll immediately notice that it makes water taste better. 

Copper Water Bottle Benefit is better tasting water

Why is this you ask? 

Studies Show that copper kills contaminants and bacteria, improving the taste of water. 

Your water should taste fresh, and have a soft mouth feel. If it tastes overly metallic, the water could be overly acidic, poor quality, or your copper bottle could be due for a clean. 

You may say, "BUT TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE". Well, our dear friends, try one for yourself, if you don't agree that it does, we'll give you an immediate refund. 


2. Better Tasting Water Means You'll Effortlessly Drink More Of It.

Better taste, easier to drink. It's a simple formula. 
Once water becomes your new favorite drink, you'll ask yourself, how did I even function before? 

Bloated From Drinking Soda

If being bloated has constantly been a problem for you, it's probably the carbonation from all those fizzy drinks. Once you're armed with your new copper water bottle, that'll quickly become a thing of the past. 


3. Drinking More Water Means Drinking Less Sugar.

It's common sense. The less sugary stuff you drink, the less sugar goes into your body. 


Drink Less Sugar

Who's been guilty of guzzling down multiple sodas a day? *raises hand*. 

Do your teeth hate you, yet? 


If drinking water hasn't been your thing in the past, don't worry, it's not your fault, it's too easy to reach for that frosty soda can in the fridge, right?

That icy, fizzy sweetness, softly kissing the roof of your mouth as you chug it down. No wonder we're hooked. Well, prepare to get that same feeling drinking from your water bottle. 
Manifesting a copper water bottle for drinking water changed the game for me. I now find it weird to drink from anything else. 

Get revenge on the damage that soda has been doing to your body, and charge towards better health by enjoying water more, starting TODAY.


Copper water bottles are awesome. Not only do they look beautiful, but the ones with an uncoated interior also have some neat abilities that your everyday stainless steel, plastic or glass bottle doesn't. 

Drinking from a copper water bottle can be a ridiculously enjoyable experience, provided you follow the guidelines, and stick to only plain, cool, still water with them. 

Could they be the sustainable water bottle of choice, for the future? We'd sure like to see that. 

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Credits - Florida Blue Dental   - NIH - The Express 



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