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How To Clean Your Copper Water Bottle Series.

Kosdeg How To Clean Your Copper Water Vessel

If you aren't interested in reading this full article - you can click here to be taken to our live cleaning and use instructions. 

Uncoated copper vessels may take some getting used to. The first time you see it change colour and tarnish inside, you may think, is this normal? Can I still use it? 

The answer is, yes, and yes. It is normal, and you can still use it. If your water begins to develop a very strong metallic taste, or has any floaty bits in it,  then it's time for a clean. If any verdigris (green tarnish forms) - please wipe it away or use one of the instructed cleaning methods, before continuing to use the vessel. 

Many people will be very experienced in using a Copper Bottle or Pitcher, but the majority of us still need some educating on them, and their uses. This an ancient practice, that should be adapted for modern times, so the more educating we can do, the better! 

Copper Vessels for storing water isn't a fad, nor is it a new thing. Civilisations have used copper pots, bottles or jugs for thousands of years for storing drinking water.

There is a lot of speculation around the Ayurvedic medicinal usage of them, but as far as modern science can dictate, it was due to the anti-bacterial properties of the metal (Yes, clean drinking water is still a big problem in a lot more places than you would think). 

So, anyways, going Forward we are going to break down each way that we have found effective to use and clean your Copper items. You probably don't want to read pages and pages of text, so we'll probably split each method into individual articles. 

We have a "living" document that we update, there will also be a link to this document included inside the box, on a card, when you purchase one of our copper products.

This document can be found here.

You can also head over to our youtube channel where we'll be uploading cleaning and educational material surrounding our mission. 

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  • Holly Lynn

    Received my new Copper Vessel today and luv it!! Thank you for shipping soo quickly and having cleaning instructions inside the box!

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