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So, you've been using your vessel, and then all of a sudden, some black spots or tarnish appear inside, or maybe even outside? 


Not to worry, you aren't alone, this is the most commonly asked question among our customers. 

Here's a link on How To Use And Clean Your Copper Vessel

IMPORTANT - All of our Copper Bottles and Copper Pitchers are for use with plain, cold or room temperature water ONLY. Acidic substances and water with a PH lower than 6.5 is not recommended to be used with any of our uncoated Copper Vessels. 

Hand wash only - DO NOT ever use a dish washer with copper vessels. 

Uncoated copper, exposed to atmospheric oxygen and ambient conditions, well, it Oxidises! This is totally normal, don't worry, it can be cleaned away easily enough. This will also happen as the copper tackles impurities in the water stored within. Yes, this can happen after the first use, but generally how you care for it will influence it. If you are letting it sit empty with the lid off, in a dusty cupboard, it's going to tarnish A LOT more quickly than if you keep it filled, with the lid fastened tight. 

We've run water tests on the water from our homes, stored them in a tarnished vessel for up to 8 hours (black/brown tarnish spots only), then sent the water away to be analysed. It came back as safe to drink, but one thing to be noted was, the layer of tarnish actually inhibited (lessened) the amount of copper absorbed into the water. 

If you want the best performance out of your Copper Water Bottle or Copper Pitcher, we recommend cleaning them regularly. 

If any green patina has formed, copper carbonate or verdigris, please clean the bottle before continuing to use it. This green substance can flake off the surface, and float in the water. If you ingest these, it will cause you to have higher than recommended amounts of copper in your system. Elevated amounts of Copper in your system has been linked with feeling nauseous. As the old saying goes, moderation is the spice of life, and you CAN have too much of a good thing. 

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